About Us
supported living group homeRiesco, Inc. provides supported living services to persons with developmental and physical disabilities, allowing each person to create an individual and personalized lifestyle with the supports necessary to fully participate in community life.

Riesco will partner with each of our clients and their support team (persons with developmental disabilities and their friends/family/supporters,case manager, and day placement), providing the supports and services that assist and empower them to live the life they desire and to achieve their own personal goals. The support team is an integral part of our service. All members are encouraged to contribute their support to the goals of each client.  Riesco provides as much or as little support as necessary to help create a successful supported living environment for each consumer.

Riesco, Inc. supports a wide variety of adults with:
    1. Developmental Disabilities
2. Physical Disabilities
3. Adults with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
4. Mental Illness
    5. Acquired Brain Injury

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